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    Financial Savings

    Financial Savings Control your monthly electricity costs as utility rates increase by as much as 6% a year.

    Energy Independence

    Energy Independence Enjoy the independence of owning and controlling an electric power source located right at your home. No more utility rate increases, no more spikes in electricity rate charges during peak loads. In fact, some days you’ll be able to watch the meter spin backwards as your surplus of energy is fed back to the utility.

    The Future

    The Future Investing in solar energy reduces your carbon footprint and directly promotes the use of sustainable energy with no emissions or harmful side effects. That’s great for your kids and theirs.

    True Investment

    True Investment Solar: the best investment in your portfolio; guaranteed return on your investment. The sun is always shining so why not let free sun pay your electric bills.

    Our Economy

    Our Economy Your investment in solar energy supports Jordanian workers who live in our cities and towns building, designing and installing our systems.

    ELF Makes It Easy

    ELF Makes It Easy Step 1: Grab your latest energy bill and contact us for a system quotation.
    Step 2: Book an installation date and sign a Works Contract.
    Step 3: We install your system and have it ready for the meter change.
    Step 4: System is energized and your house start exporting clean energy to the grid.

    ELF ENERGY in a joint venture with our Italian partner Farig srlis an Amman – based design –build firm specializing in solar power systems for commercialindustrial and residential applications. Our tailored solutions.


    "Let The Sun Pay Your Electric Bill"    

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    Elf Energy

    " The sun: Providing uninterrupted solar power for over 4.6 Billion years "

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    Elf Energy

    "Solar: the best investment in your portfolio; Guaranteed return on your investment."

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    Elf Energy

    Energy Solutions For Private

    LEVERAGE OUR VAST EXPERIENCE OF SOLAR EXPERTISE TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT. WE deliver custom, turnkey solar systems- from project specifications that eliminate costly design/build mistakes to custom design, engineering, installation and results monitoring.

    From S to XXL plant No one Project is too little or too big

    Germany Project

    10 MWp
    Ground PV System
    Read more

    Italy - 48 MWp

    48 MWp
    More than 204,000 PV modules installed
    Read more

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

    200 Mwp
    The largest Plant In England.
    Read more

    Elf Energy International Jordan,
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    Email: info@elf-energy.com
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